Jessica Sheridan

Hello, Dolly! Tour:

"Dolly has been performed by the likes of Carol Channing, Ethel Merman, Mary Martin and, most recently, Bette Midler.  The character is truly larger than life, so you need an extremely talented actress in the role.  Jessica Sheridan fit the bill, and then some.  She is phenomenal as Dolly.  Sheridan oozes charm on stage.   You could really tell how much she enjoyed playing the character."
— Pam Pratt, In the Neighborhood column, Newton Daily News

"Due to an unfortunate illness, Ms. Buckley could not appear in the show for several consecutive nights  ... Ms. Buckley's understudy Jessica Sheridan, who had the (now) unenviable task of having to essay the role so many people had expected someone else to play."  The "admirable understudy, Ms. Sheridan,—joyfully cheeky and adorably spunky as one might expect in the role—is a terrific, wonderfully game substitute, earning every bit of her raucous standing ovation that greeted her during the final bows of Friday evening's performance."   "To those worried about a future date in the national tour's run in which they will have to miss Ms. Buckley in the title role for any reason, I have two words for you: 'don't worry.'"   "A superb actor and singer, she's got a mighty strong voice enhanced with remarkable comic timing and a set of playfully ferocious growls that fit the very essence of a long line of past Dollys ...."   " From her first appearance disembarking a trolley car at Yonkers to her stunning, Busby-Berkley like welcome at the Harmonia Gardens fit for royalty, Sheridan brought charm and a palpable uplifting spirit to her enchanting portrait that audiences really ate up and enjoyed.  She even channels Barbra Streisand's rat-at-tat cadence from the film at times and nails that infamous poultry-feasting scene that truly stopped the show and had everyone in hysterics."
      — Michael Quintos, Broadway World, January 25, 2019 performance, Segerstrom Center, Costa Mesa, CA

"Everything from the set and props (they even had trolley pulled by two "horses" and a full-size turn-of- the-century railroad engine) to the costumes, quality casting and excellent, exciting choreography were all first class.  An additional delight was that Jessica Sheridan, the actress chosen to replace Buckley as Dolly, was brilliant, delightful and more than adequate.  She brought a side of Dolly Gallagher Levi to life that was entertaining and believable.  Plus. she walloped out Dolly’s songs wonderfully and had the physical energy to maintain the rugged pace of the role."
      — Peter W. Wagner, Northwest Iowa Review, April 23, 2019 updated April 25, 2019

"Leading the show for its Iowa stop on the tour is Jessica Sheridan.  While she may not be a household name to the general public, she has a theatre resume that tells you that her performance is one you will not soon forget.  I must give her credit as she went from getting a measly few claps on her opening entrance in the show to a roaring applause after the title number of the show.  Her voice had a brassiness to it that played well with her character.  She gave a performance I will not soon forget."
      — D.C. Felton, Broadway World, April 10, 2019, Des Moines Performing Arts Center

"Props to the raunchy Ernestina Money (Jessica Sheridan) for shaking her money maker all over the Harmonia Gardens in her featured scene; while this is a moment scripted clearly for comic intent, it arrives naturally and lands superbly with both the on stage characters and the audience.
      — Amanda N. Gunther, TheatreBloom, Washington DC opening

"Ernistina (sic) Money (Jessica Sheridan) provided some hilarious moments in the Harmonia Gardens restaurant scenes as Dolly's newest match for Vandergelder."
      — Rick Handler. Executive producer of Pittsburgh's Entertainment Central

"...  Jessica Sheridan who is delicious fun as Ernestina Money"
      — Don Grigware, Broadway World, Los Angeles, CA opening

"Jessica Sheridan is great as the unfortunately named Ernestina Money."
      — Jeffrey Ellis, Broadway World, Nashville, TN opening

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Sister Act Tour:

"Audience favorites included Jessica Sheridan, standing in as Mother Superior, who combined perfect comedic timing with heavenly singing (and crisp diction); ...   If you weren't cracking up at a zinger line or tapping your toe to the boogie beat, you were savoring some fine ballads like 'Here Within These Walls,' beautifully sung by Sheridan"
      — Bob Fishbach, World-Herald, for Omaha, NE opening


"How do you solve a problem like Deloris?   Watch as the discombobulated Mother Superior (Jessica Sheridan) and a collection of convent kooks ... sort it out ...   Sheridan scores on the reflective 'Here Within These Walls' and the amusing 'Haven't Got a Prayer.'"
      — Paul Lamar, The Daily Gazette, for Schenectady NY opening

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Thoroughly Modern Millie:

"And Jessica Sheridan is precious as Miss Flannery — the older, more robust stenographic supervisor surrounded by skinny young typists with better love lives than her own.  'Forget About the Boy,' Act II's sparkling opening number, wouldn't be half as much fun without her."
      — Anita Gates, The New York Times, for Paper Mill Playhouse performance

 "As I mentioned, I'm a big fan of clever tap dancing and 'Millie's' got it.  Under the unceasing vigilance of Miss Flannery (Jessica Sheridan), the 'stenog' pool of the Sincere Trust Insurance Company, where Millie lands a job, is swift and sure, with their tapping feet matching their hands for productivity.  Sheridan has many gifts in her commanding presence and the responsive ensemble and she function as one.
      — Sherri Rase, [Q] on Stage, for Paper Mill Playhouse performance

"Thoroughly Modern Millie is one of those shows just loaded with strong characters.  Starting off with Jessica Sheridan as Miss Flannery, head of the typing pool, with her bright red hair, black old maid shoes and red painted bow lips, you just know that you're going to love to hate her.  When she belts out a song, you're impressed, and when she starts to tap dance with the ensemble and keeps it up, you know why she's been nominated for both an Ovation Award and LA Weekly Award."
      — Jan Davisson, Curtain Up for WJTW, for Maltz Jupiter Theatre performance

"We also meet two terrific musical actresses:  Jessica Sheridan as the steno-pool boss at an office and Brenda Braxton, who owns a popular speakeasy club with family secrets and a connection to most of the lead cast members."
      — Ron Levitt, ENV Magazine, for Maltz Jupiter Theatre performance

"... Jessica Sheridan as Ms. Flannery is perfectly cast.  Not only does she make the most of her turns as the spilled on Dorothy Parker and a Plaza dinner guest, but her tapping skills are first rate.  Her comedic timing impeccable, her authoritatve hold on her stenogs on point.  I may or may not have cried laughing when she started talking about her elbows; you have to see it to understand."
      — Scott Moreau, Broadway World, for Ogunguit Playhouse performance

"Both Burke Moses, as Trevor Graydon, and Jessica Sheridan, as Miss Flannery, routinely steal the show, finding manic energy in their characters that is impossible to ignore.  Their timing is indispensable, and you find yourself waiting for them to return to the stage."
      — uncredited, The Wire New Hampshire, for Ogunguit Playhouse performance

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Play it Cool:

"From her first appearance, Sheridan is an unmatchable force onstage, as she exquisitely weaves together a brassy character with tenderhearted vulnerability.  Her powerful voice has seen many a day on Broadway, but adapts to the jazz genre nicely."
      — Sarika Chawla, Los Angeles Magazine

"Sheridan's Mary successfully executes a psychological balancing act:  She evokes the tough-as-nails persona of a no-nonsense bulldyke while projecting the heartbreaking fragility of a wounded psyche that knows it is being used and an endearing mother bird instinct to take the clueless Will under her protective wing.  Sheridan also exhibits impressive vocal chops ('In My Drag,' 'Jazz is a Special Taste')."
      — Julio Martinez, Variety

"Sheridan is a powerhouse in the focal role, anchoring the proceedings with her mix of easygoing charm and take-charge toughness."
      — Les Spindle, Backstage West (a Critic's Pick)

"The five cast members are top-notch with Jessica Sheridan as a standout as club owner Mary, who has a tender heart underneath her tough, butch exterior."
      — Bill Kaiser, The Purple Circuit

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Side by Side by Sondheim:  "Jessica Sheridan, who has a voice big enough to cover the new balcony at the Equity, lets go in the torchy 'Losing My Mind.'"
      — Walter Goodman, The New York Times

Hot 'N Cole:  "With an ensemble cast as strong as this one, it's not really necessary to single out individual performers.  Still, here's a tip of the hat to ... Jessica Sheridan for a spirited rendition of 'I'm Back in Circulation.' "
      — Robin Dougherty,, Broward-Palm Beach New Times

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