Play it Cool Reviews:

          "Sheridan is a powerhouse in the focal role, anchoring the proceedings with her mix of easygoing charm and take-charge toughness."  — Les Spindle, Backstage West (a Critic's Pick)

          "From her first appearance, Sheridan is an unmatchable force onstage, as she exquisitely weaves together a brassy character with tenderhearted vulnerability.  Her powerful voice has seen many a day on Broadway, but adapts to the jazz genre nicely."  — Sarika Chawla, Los Angeles Magazine

          "Sheridan's Mary successfully executes a psychological balancing act:  She evokes the tough-as-nails persona of a no-nonsense bulldyke while projecting the heartbreaking fragility of a wounded psyche that knows it is being used and an endearing mother bird instinct to take the clueless Will under her protective wing.  Sheridan also exhibits impressive vocal chops ('In My Drag,' 'Jazz is a Special Taste')."  — Julio Martinez, Variety

          "The five cast members are top-notch with Jessica Sheridan as a standout as club owner Mary, who has a tender heart underneath her tough, butch exterior."  — Bill Kaiser, The Purple Circuit

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Other Reviews:

          Side by Side by Sondheim:  "Jessica Sheridan, who has a voice big enough to cover the new balcony at the Equity, lets go in the torchy 'Losing My Mind.'"  — Walter Goodman, New York Times

          Hot 'N Cole:  "With an ensemble cast as strong as this one, it's not really necessary to single out individual performers.  Still, here's a tip of the hat to ... Jessica Sheridan for a spirited rendition of 'I'm Back in Circulation' ... You're all the tops."  — Robin Dougherty, Broward-Palm Beach New Times

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